Mariana Morin, 3rd Grade and Makayla Morin

Smiles and laughter could be heard at the principal’s office upon return from the Christmas Break. Two siblings, Mariana Morin, 3rd Grade and Makayla Morin, Kinder took it upon themselves to do a Kindness Challenge with their mother, Ms. Mayra Morin.  They created KINDNESS COUPONS and picked amongst themselves as they challenged each other to “demonstrate” the ACT of KINDNESS with individuals at the school; one of them being the school principal, Mrs. Rosa Gonzalez-Vela.  “It does my heart good to see our students, especially siblings, sharing such gestures because it is a way to lift each other up at our school.”  Their ACTS of KINDNESS soon had a ripple effect at the school as some student are already planning to follow their example as  they prepare to celebrate the upcoming KINDNESS WEEK in our district on January 23- 27, 2023