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October 5th is Blue Shirt Day at La Joya ISD. Today is the World Day of Bullying Prevention Day and La Joya ISD celebrates with Campus Olweus Bullying Prevention Kick-off activities all around the District. Help us STOP BULLYING!!

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Usage for SY 2014-2015.

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Over the past 25 years, Teach for America helped more than 50,000 people from a wide variety of backgrounds become inspirational leaders. Visit their website for additional information.

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PACK HOWLS Audrey Moreno
4th grade student in Ms. A. Ortiz class from Tabasco Elementary became the school's 1st Reading Millionaire!
Arlette Vega
Dr. Saenz Middle School's newest Reading Millionaire!
Javier Martinez
8th grade Reading Millionaire from Dr. Javier Saenz Middle School
I Take Pride In... Making Meals that Matter Reda More About Rolando... COMMUNITY PARTNERS SCHOOLS EDUCATIONAL FOUNDATION ATHLETICS