La Joya ISD Students Recognized for 50,000+ Acts of Kindness

La Joya ISD Students Recognized for 50,000+ Acts of Kindness


Students, faculty, and administrators at La Joya ISD have been honored by EduGuide, a national non-profit, for extraordinary steps to support their school community. 


La Joya students at four high schools that participate in EduGuide’s online curriculum have now completed more than 50,000 acts of mentoring, advising, and encouragement called EduGuide Challenges. Through these challenges, students learn practical social, educational, and career skills in a hands-on way that benefits both the student and those they choose to help. Research shows that the more EduGuide activities students complete, the more their grades and test scores tend to improve.


DRAFT QUOTE: “We are so proud of how our La Joya students and teachers have grown a stronger learning community with their EduGuide Challenges,” said La Joya Superintendent Dr. Gisela Saenz. 


Bryan Taylor, EduGuide’s founder and president, visited La Joya ISD on Thursday, March 2, and presented the superintendent and staff with a banner celebrating La Joya’s achievement. 


“We would like to honor your students for the extraordinary steps they have taken to support their friends, family, and community through even the most difficult days of the pandemic and beyond,” Taylor said. “The stories they have shared are heart-warming and their voices deserve to be heard.”  


La Joya student reports of the ways in which they have reached out to others show that even small actions can have a major impact in creating a more positive environment at La Joya schools. Some of these comments include: 


 “I helped a girl in orchestra, she was struggling with her music and she was kinda lost so I told her the counts and ups and downs.”


“Today in the morning I noticed a female custodian after breakfast and I helped her with throwing away trash and told her to have a good day.”  


“[EduGuide was] helpful by overall going to give me advice on what to tell any other new kids or younger students.” 


“I gave my friends advice on what to do next in their application processes for college.” 


“I helped others by encouraging my teammates to do better in our volleyball game and I helped one of my teammates learn how to do a better approach when hitting the ball.”


“It made me more self aware about if i'm a good influence and how i could improve that.”