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Event Programs 2021-2022 School Year

Palmview High School Choir Cluster Fall Program (10/21/2021)

Cesar Chavez Middle School Choir Present Fall Concert (10/27/2021)

La Joya High School Presents: Spooktacular Coyote Orchestra Concert (10/28/2021)

Elementary Music Veterans Day Program 2021 (11/11/2021)

3 Schools 1 Voice 2021 (11/2021)

Cesar Chavez Middle School Winter Choral Concert (12/06/2021)

La Joya High School Dance Recital (12/07/2021)

La Joya High School Classical Guitar Concert (12/08/2021)

La Joya High School Orchestra Winter Concert (12/08/2021)

La Joya High School Theatre – Dearly Departed (12/13/2021)

La Joya High School Band - Christmas at the Movies (12/14/2021)

Area I Middle School Band Cluster – Coyote Holiday Celebration (12/15/2021)

Juarez-Lincoln High School A Joyous Winter Celebration Concert (12/16/2021)

Leo’s Christmas Spectacular (12/17/2021)

La Joya High School Choir presents A Festive Winter Concert (12/20/2021)

A Husky Cluster Concert Collection (12/21/2021)

Orgullo y Tradición 2022 (02/12-13/2022)

Corazón y Cultura (02/26-27/2022)

Festejos 2022 (03/5-6/2022)

2022 Elementary Music Festival: The Beatles (03/10/2022)

Zapata Elementary Presents: The Lion King Kids (03/24/2022)

La Joya Jewelettes Drill Team 2022 Showcase (03/31/2022)

Juarez-Lincoln HS Silver Stars Showcase 2022 (04/11/2022)

Palmview Rubies 2021-2022 Showcase (04/12/2022)

La Joya High School Dance Spring Recital (04/20/2022)

Sounds of Spring 2022 (04/21/2022)

ARMS & LDZ Present: This is a Test and Eurydice (04/25/2022)

La Joya ISD Presents: Serenata A Mi Madre (05/09/2022)

La Joya HS Choirs Present: A Night On Broadway (05/16/2022)

La Joya ISD Scholarship Recognition (05/17/2022)

La Joya ISD Presents STAR WARS featuring La Joya HS Band and Red Fusion (05/18/2022)

La Joya ISD Presents A Spring Show Musical featuring Palmview Lobo Band, Memorial MS Band, & Garcia MS Band  (05/19/2022)

All That Jazz Featuring the Juarez-Lincoln HS Swinging Big Band and Latin Jazz Ensemble (05/20/2022)

Leo J. Leo Fine Arts Showcase (05/23/2022)

Leo Elementary Kinder Graduation (05/24/2022)

Leo Elementary 5th Grade Graduation (05/24/2022)


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