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La Joya ISD Educational Opportunities Expo 2020

Posted Date: 03/02/2020

 La Joya ISD hosted the Educational Opportunities Expo 2020 on Saturday February 22nd at Palmview High School.

Presented to the public , the phenomenal opportunities that range from technical education to designated

fine arts campuses. The choices offered by La Joya ISD are completely devoted to meet the needs of the

students’ who want to immerse themselves in a well-rounded education. Traditional schools’ with

educational experiences provided information on Academic UIL events at every grade level, including

Robotics. In addition Fine Arts set the tone with a powerful performances by Juarez Lincoln High School


Over 15, male and female UIL Athletic opportunities showcased by the LJISD Athletics Department

including state qualifying soccer teams showing the excellence that the department strives for in order for

the students to succeed. “Shine bright and show your La Joya ISD pride!” is a common phrase that is

heard around the school district this year:

In display of a perfect example, School Board President Espie Ochoa greets potential students & parents

as they walk into the door showing why La Joya ISD is the best choice.

“As we see new faces, it excites me to present them the opportunities the district has to offer. We offer

tons of programs that go by unnoticed; and this is just another way to bring the community together while

promoting our district!” she expressed eagerly .

Designated Elementary & Middle Schools were also in attendance. Packed with pride among the top are

the STEM & STEAM programs. Inspiring the next generation of Science, Technology, Engineering, and

Math leaders by developing a passion at a young age and maintaining interest throughout the secondary

education years. Overall the event is known to have a successful impact in reminding us why La Joya ISD