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The Coffee Cart Project

Posted Date: 02/17/2020

Domingo Treviño Middle school students with cognitive disabilities develop their employability skills to enhance their chances of success in the future. The Coffee Cart Project provides multiple opportunities to these students to develop their functional skills. Life skills that students practice with The Coffee Cart project include following a recipe, sequencing steps in an activity, fulfilling an order, appropriate social skills, peer-peer work, basic math skills, reading and comprehension, health and hygiene, and career awareness.

“Special Education students need to be exposed to potential future employment and vocational opportunities. This project provides real-life experiences to the students and encourage them to explore more careers”. stated, Mrs. Martha Villegas de Oliver Especial Education Teacher.

Through proper training, and the utilization of the necessary tools and equipment, individuals with disabilities will continue to increasingly transition into meaningful employment and community-based programs intended to build self-sufficiency.”

This barista program needs at least two hours each morning to serve all their customers. 

“They’re even digitally savvy-handling online orders.” Said, Mr. Jose T. Garcia Principal at Domingo Treviño M.S. “The student learns the employability characteristics of a successful worker in the modern workplaces and understands the employability characteristics of a successful worker in the modern workplace” Added Garcia.

La Joya ISD is proud to have a first of its kind program implemented at Domingo Trevion Middle School run by our very own Special Education students. At La Joya ISD we believe the use of the Coffee Cart Project develops students’ social skills and connects them with the school community to help them develop the life skills needed to succeed. Thank you to everyone that helped make this project a success for our students.