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Special Olympics Sports Competitions

Posted Date: 12/19/2019

The Special Olympics Motor Activity Training program is a 3 day program hosted by the Special Education Dept. MATP is modified to help develop motor skills & social skills for special needs students who are unable to participate in official Special Olympics sports competitions… 

As the 9th Annual MATP held in La Joya, TX kicked off. This incredible event has helped bring together teachers, coaches along with athletes accompanied by family members. Coaches set up stations such as sensory training, eye hand coordination. Traditional sports like soccer, basketball & baseball are at the top of the list for the young athletes. 

“Every year at Christmas time we an amazing opportunity to bring our students around the district to come practice skills on how to kick & throw. Helping them get ready to become athletes for the future in special olympics.” 

-Andrea Garza 

Director - Special Education Dept.


Together bringing unity, between our kids, teachers & families. La Joya ISD takes pride in tradition on building relationships with families as well. Over the years the number of participating parents has grown and will continue. Many of the students have a hard time participating in the classroom with others. MATP gives the opportunity for not only the students but for the parents to support their kids to insure that they continue to grow. 


“ I think it’s great! I was here last year with my son… he really enjoyed the tunnels with light & shooting the basketball.”  - Samuel Reyes LJISD Parent