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Unified vision. Unyielding will. Unwavering effort.

Posted Date: 11/08/2019


Every day at Tabasco Elementary marks another step toward a prosperous future for our students. The students, who – every time they enter these doors – fill each room’s walls with their expressive voices and its halls with fruits of their hard work. 

It is through the pursuit of this daily goal that Tabasco Elementary has earned its “A” rating, awarded by the Texas Education Agency on its 2019 Texas Academic Performance Report. The school has also earned 5 academic distinctions from TEA. 

These heights were not attained through any simple or singular means. The mission to prepare Tabasco students for a future of opportunity and fulfilled potential has only been possible through a combination of their hard work, many countless hours of dedication by staff members, and the precious support of parents, families, and members of the community. It has taken years of self-reflection, continuous work toward honing what works best and reevaluating what hasn’t, and the discipline to become the change that was desired.

Beginning with the 2019-2020 school year, Tabasco Elementary became a Leadership Designated Academy. This places a focus on preparing Tabasco students to become the pivotal voices and powerful figures of tomorrow’s world, not just through academic rigor – which is always a necessity – but through emphasis on understanding the building blocks of success and the lifestyle and attitude required to make an impact on the world. 

Staff and students embark on daily experiences as a “Leader In Me” school that challenge learners to reach their potential, find the voice and value within themselves and encourage them to showcase what they know and are capable of. 

Students know that doing their best doesn’t just mean doing what is expected, but that it means fulfilling their own potential to reach any goal they set for themselves.

The unyielding pursuit of all staff at Tabasco Elementary to never stop improving the quality of education for our students has been the catalyst for what has been achieved, and our teachers have reached deep within themselves to find what they can make possible to our students achieve greater heights than ever before. 

Students are offered the opportunity to become a part of various organizations, including clubs focused on chess, robotics, and baking, as well as activities like cheerleading. We offer additional ACE Program activities to students for enrichment after school.

Teachers at Tabasco embrace communication and collaboration with our parents, ensuring that the partnership required for student success is met. Helping our students develop into well-rounded and effective individuals is key, and at Tabasco, learners experience an education that builds their cooperative and collaborative work skills, empowers them with the independence to solve academic and practical problems, fosters their creativity, and learn to effectively communicate not only to their peers but to all the community. 

Tabasco Elementary has been a leader in bringing our daily announcements to the Internet, live-streaming them daily on the school’s YouTube channel and providing students an opportunity to speak not only to their classmates, but to the world. Additional venues for students to present their own voice and their leadership abilities are always in development.

Life at Tabasco Elementary continues to evolve with each new year, but one thing is clear – everything we do is to empower our students to find and embrace the best of themselves within and be ready to thrive in their future.

This is our unified vision, our unyielding will, and our unwavering effort.