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“The House of Champions”

Posted Date: 08/22/2019

The La Joya ISD  proud to announce that Enrique “Kiki” Camarena Elementary school earned an “A” with 6 out of 6 Distinctions on the 2019 Texas Academic Performance Report!! Camarena is an “Exemplary” rated Dual Language instruction campus. They ranked among the Healthiest Schools of America. In 2018-2019, Camarena Elementary  became a STEAM campus, integrating the arts along with engineering and technology into our curriculum from pointillism to drama to bridge building and coding. 

Enrique “Kiki” Camarena Elementary integrates STEAM (Science, Technology, Engineering, Arts and Mathematics) into daily learning objectives that will prepare students for college, career and beyond. With an emphasis on post-secondary readiness, Enrique “Kiki” Camarena Elementary is a school that will develop a student’s creativity, communication, teamwork, and problem solving skills, which are necessary for success in today’s world.

Students at Camarena know to perform at their highest capacity ensuring college and career readiness. 

“We are the La Joya ISD District UIL Elementary Champions! Our campus includes a Robotics Club and a Chess Club, and many Great things will continue to happen at Enrique Camarena Elementary! ".

Principal Mary Lily Garza At Camarena Elementary added, “we promote a friendly environment, safety is our priority, and prohibit using physical activity as punishment.”

Enrique “Kiki” Camarena Elementary school creates a learning environment that is innovative, exciting, rigorous, and scaffolds student learning for optimal academic achievement. Student learning experiences are driven by a robust curriculum and community partnerships. Camarena is committed to building and collaborating with families, businesses and the community to provide students with authentic and engaging learning opportunities.We love our students, and providing them with a positive, friendly environment is our priority! The House of Champions!”