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La Joya ISD Migrant Students Launch Rockets at Planetarium

Posted Date: 08/21/2019

LA JOYA, TX- Just ninety miles from the newly built SpaceX in Brownsville, TX, and fifty miles from the United Launch Alliance (ULA) in Harlingen, TX, La Joya ISD Migrant Students make their way to La Joya ISD planetarium for an out-of-this-world experience. Over three days, Elementary, Middle, and High School Migrant students had the opportunity to participate in the Space Exploration CAMP (Career Awareness and Mentorship Program), an initiative developed by La Joya ISD Migrant Education Program in partnership with the College 1stProgram. Each morning, chattering students filled the facility, ready to participate in the highly interactive activities planned for the CAMP. At each end of day, students left with a smiling face and new ideas about the potential future they can have.


“My experience was great! I feel inspired to go to college. We went deep into understanding space exploration and it’s motivating me to be an astronaut. I’m hoping that one day I can go to space and perform more research on the things still don’t know, but may exist.” Jerry Herrera, La Joya ISD Migrant Student, said.


La Joya ISD embraces the vision: “Educational Excellence is the Right of Every Student.” In their commitment to their vision, implementing CAMPs like Space Exploration can serve as a unique pathway to excellence for students that may not have considered Science, Technology, Engineering, or Mathematics (STEM) careers.


“This [CAMP] is definitely motivating students to go to college because we might not be aware that these careers exist. The activities that College 1stbrings here are so fun and that sparks an interest all of us to continue to pursue a career in the STEM field,” Erik Ibarra, La Joya ISD Migrant Student, said.


As Erik expressed, many students were in fact motivated to pursue this career path.


“This CAMP was amazing because it inspired look more into engineering. I have never built a rocket before and now I feel like this could be something I want to do for the rest of my life. I am inspired to go to college to be an engineer,” Dasia Garza, La Joya ISD Migrant Student, said.