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Posted Date: 06/03/2019

There's no question that senior students have earned the right to don a cap and gown for graduation on May 28. But until a few weeks ago, some weren’t sure they could afford to. 

Some families have had a tough time paying basic expenses — and the $40 for the required graduation regalia was a luxury, until Melissa Garcia, Graduation Specialist at Palmview High School and her colleagues decided to start a benefit program Called “Lobos Walk Across The Stage”. This program would aid seniors that could not afford to purchase their graduation gear or could not purchase one due to other circumstances.

Across the nation, school staff privy to teen problems say more students are having a hard time footing the costs of graduation. In the U.S. education officials are soliciting donations, recycling old gowns and, in some cases, ponying up the money themselves to make sure seniors don’t miss a rite of passage.

“When you hear some of their stories, you’re like, ‘We’ll do it,’” said Belinda R. Garcia, Academies Marketing Specialist at La Joya ISD “We don’t want that to be the reason they don’t walk across the stage on graduation day and not be able to receive something they’ve work so hard for 13 years.”

But now, with unemployment rising nationwide and family incomes stretched farther than ever, some schools say the demand for those resources is rising.

Melissa Garcia wants her students to enjoy some of the pomp and circumstance most other graduates experience during this exciting time for seniors.

“We are very fortunate to have amazing community members that support our students during this time of year, with something that means so much to them like being able to attend their own graduation”, stated Melissa Garcia, Graduation Specialist at Palmview High School.

Special thanks to all of the sponsors for contributing this year and the program being able to sponsor over 50 seniors with a cap and gown. 

They are: Palmview Crime stoppers, Nereyda Cantu, Vicky Cantu, Cindy Casanova, Marissa Flores, Roxanna Flores, Belinda Garcia, Jovanna Hernandez, Lloyd A. Loya, Marla Muñoz, Juan “JJ” Peña, Avelina Segovia, Rita Uresti. 

If you are interested in being a sponsor of the “Lobos Walk Across The Stage” program contact Ms. Melissa Garcia, Graduation Specialist at Palmview High School at (956) 323-2880 or email at