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2nd Annual Walk Across the Stage Conference

Posted Date: 03/07/2019

The Dropout Prevention department at La Joya ISD, whose mission is to remove barriers for students who face challenges in completing their high school education, sponsored a great event focused on this very goal. For the second year, the department hosted the “Walking Across the Stage” conference at the central office administration building for 50 West and 50 East Academy senior students.

“These students have close to 60 days until their graduation and this conference serves as motivation for them to keep on going, and to not give up,” said department coordinator Bertha Perez. “Additionally, our guests presenters’ purpose is to inform the participants that education doesn’t end after they get their diploma – that it continues!”

The conference, made up of 3 sessions, included Humberto Perez Zuniga from South Texas College, Danny Diaz - the district FAFSA/TASFA specialist, and Aliver Lozano from the University of Texas RGV. They each spoke about career pathways available at the post-secondary level, along with industry certifications that may also be an option. Mr. Diaz was able to provide the students with information on how to get financial aid, scholarships, and grants that can help them pursue their passions.

A very inspiring dialogue also took place that consisted of 3 panel speakers: Mr. Everardo Villarreal, Ms. Briseida Gonzalez, and Ms. Alexis Portillo. In this open discussion, personal struggles and achievements were shared by the guests who could relate with the trials and tribulations of the students in the audience, and who told of how they overcame them to finally succeed. 

“Each year this half day conference gets better and better. We tailor the topics based on the students’ feedback and so we aim to keep providing useful information and to continue looking for ways to inspire all students, but especially those who just need a little extra push,” added Perez. “At the end of the day, we intend to graduate students who will be productive citizens of this community and who will give back to those who invested in them.”