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Libraries on Wheels Throughout La Joya ISD

Posted Date: 12/12/2018

Libraries on Wheels Throughout La Joya ISD


A main initiative for the Library Services and Instructional Resources department, this year, was to give students equitable access to a digital library by combining the use of their cell phones, iPads, or tablets, AND their school bus. Through a partnership with the transportation department, students commuting every day to and from home and school, can now continue learning on the bus. 

Secondary grade level students, in middle school and high school, can now choose from an array of eBooks that can be downloaded using a QR code to their own (or school assigned) electronic device and enjoy reading at their convenience while traveling on an eBook bus. 

“As a librarian, I feel it is my responsibility to facilitate and ensure that all students have the resources to be academically successful. By having access to a diversity of books from all subject areas (including but not limited to hard book collections) these new eBooks are a digital resource that can be accessed anytime students ride a bus,” said Alma Salinas, LJISD Director of Library Services and Instructional Resources. “In short, my job is to ensure that books are everywhere and, in every format, possible – including on the road.”

The collection targets the upper level students (whom most already own an electronic device) and includes an assortment of Science, History, Biography, Military and STEM book titles that young adults would be interested in reading. 

This year’s initial goal was to have 100 Libraries on wheels, and currently have 70 buses equipped with QR codes ready to be scanned and downloaded!

Constant collaboration between the Library, Technology and Transportation departments has been key in the success of this project - of which no other school district in the area offers.

“In providing eBooks on our school buses, we are elevating our student’s potential by creating opportunities at every moment of their learning day. Whether they are traveling home, a game, a performance, or school trip, students can enhance their reading skills and spend their time in a more productive way.” added Salinas.


La Joya ISD is proud of this initiative that impacts our students, our schools, and our community of learners, with active curiosity and the possibility to continue learning beyond the classroom.