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Program by Design Applications

Program by Design Applications (en Español) 

2018 Summer Camp Program

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“Choose Your Pathway…”


La Joya High School


Juarez-Lincoln High School


Palmview High School


La Joya ISD is proud to introduce the Academies of La Joya!

Partnering with Ford Next Generation Learning (a partner with Ford Motor Company Education Foundation) and RGV LEAD (Linking Economic & Academic Development), the creation of the Academies of La Joya stands tall to transform teaching and learning, the secondary education experience, and civic and business engagement.

By transforming teaching and learning, students will learn through the lens of academic themes. Transforming the secondary education experience will expose students to real world careers and countless opportunities. And finally, transforming civic and business engagement will give our students industry skills through internships, job shadowing, and class speakers and practicums.

The Academies of La Joya are meant to strengthen partnerships with potential employers in order to bring our students internship opportunities and be college and career ready. The unique connection between classroom curriculum and real world experiences is what makes the Academies meaningful.

Academy students become part of a team, who for 4 years, will venture on a pathway to discover their passion and allow for greater self-awareness and confidence to pursue the career of their choice!


 ? Why Join An Academy ?

1. Instruction is focused around a career choice

2. Small learning environment

3. Hands-on experience

4. Students meet with professionals in their career pathway

5. Opportunities for job shadowing

6. Internships in field of study

7. Rigorous courses prepare students for work in their field of interest

8. Earn industry certification/s

9. Graduate with college credits

10. Learn with peers who have similar interests


? How do I Apply to attend an Academy ?

  •  Identify your endorsement of interest
  •  Submit  application to your campus counselor in the month of April
  •  Applications will be reviewed
  •  Selected students will be notified in May
  •  Classes begin in August of the next school year

Click on an Academy to learn more:

academy of stem

academy of business & administration

academy of public service

Academy of arts & humanities

academy of health science professions & stem


Guadalupe Chavez
Academies Director

200 W. Expressway 83
La Joya, TX 78560

Ph. 956.323.2693



1. Commit to complete the Academy Pathway requirements for graduation

2. Maintain good academic standing and good behavior

3. Complete a mandatory Capstone Project upon graduation