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Grant Application Procedure & Information

Grant Application Procedure & Information

Grant Application Procedure


Step 1           Talk with your principal about wishing to pursue a grant.

Click here to learn more about the grant criteria.


Step 2           Complete the grant application by addressing key points






Target Population

Standards the project will help teach

Real life applications

Research supporting initiative

Reading/Writing Connection

Community connection

College readiness opportunities


Step 3           Fill our application online by clicking here.


Step 4           The La Joya ISD Educational Excellence Foundation reviews grant applications on a

quarterly basis. Grant application deadlines are as follows:

September 28, 2018

November 30, 2018

January 25, 2019

 June 7, 2019

Step 5           Once awarded a Foundation grant, the applicant agrees to use the money awarded to

purchase the items outlined in the grant application. Receipts of purchases must be

scanned and e-mailed to the Foundation along with pictures of the students completing

the grant project. The Foundation’s e-mail is:

Failure to comply with this request will render the applicant ineligible for future grants.