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2021 Heroes for Children Award

Posted Date: 09/10/2021

 2021 Heroes for Children Award

La Joya ISD volunteer parent Mayra Lozano has been awarded the 2021 Heroes for Children Award for State Board of Education (SBOE) District 2. Mrs. Lozano was nominated by Norma Garcia, La Joya ISD social worker. Our district’s SBOE member is Ruben Cortez, Jr.

This is a prestigious award, which only 15 awardees statewide received. This recognition is given for the outstanding services and support our volunteer has offered to our school community, the staff, and most notably, the students of La Joya ISD. 

Juan De Dios Salinas Middle School volunteer parent Mrs. Lozano is a model volunteer and an inspiration to not only students, staff, and administration, but to the entire community as a whole. Mrs. Lozano took the initiative during this pandemic year to help our students who were going through a tough time to talk to the Social Workers and Counselors to make them aware of the situations to prevent any harm done to themselves. She took time to find resources in the community such as food banks, assistance with rent and any Covid 19 testing sites as well as Covid 19 vaccine sites. Mrs. Lozano created a Whatsapp forum to advise all parents not only JD Salinas but also all of LJISD parents.  She also served as a liaison between school and community to advise parents of all upcoming meeting.

Volunteer Services include:

  • 5 years of time effort and service for student success
  • Total hours of service: 480 clock hours
  • District Title 1 Conference –decoration
  • Prom- decorator for 5 years in a row
  • Student Registration- assisted parents with annual registration
  • SBDM- 2 years of service
  • Technology Block- 5 years involved
  • JDSMS-projects includes District float 
  • District School Health Advisory Committee- 2 years
  • SHAC-2 years 
  • Parent Advisory Committee- 3 years member 
  • Parent Ambassador for La Joya ISD 
  • Migrant Parent Advisory Committee 
  • Superintendents Round Table member 
  • District Advisory Committee representing JD Salinas Middle School 
  • Region One Parent Academy representing La Joya ISD
  • Region One Regional PAC Training (Training of Trainers) 
  • Read 3 Program –read to PK students in the district

On behalf of the La Joya ISD, we would like to thank Mrs. Lozano for her hard work and dedication to our school district. Hero for Children Award; this state recognition has been awarded to our school district for the past five years.   Thank you to our entire parent volunteers to ensure our district shines bright and prepares students toward success. 

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