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Sprint awards tablets with Internet access to La Joya ISD as part of their 1 Million-Project Grant S

Posted Date: 11/29/2018

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Sprint awards tablets with Internet access to La Joya ISD as part of their 1 Million-Project Grant

Sprint along with La Joya ISD announced that 240 high school students have received a free mobile device and free wireless service as part of the 1Million Project Foundation. The program launched with Sprint in August 2017 with a mission to help one million high school students achieve their full potential by ensuring they have the digital tools and connectivity they need to succeed in school. In its first year, the initiative connected 113,000 students across the country, and by the end of the 2018-19 school year, more than 260,000 students total at over 1,700 high schools in 33 states will receive internet access and devices.

La Joya Palmview High School was awarded 192 tablets with Internet access. These students were chosen by home Internet access need. These students were then chosen by a lottery system to award the tablets. The purpose of this grant is to target the homework gap in this country. According to a press release by Sprint 70% of America’s school teachers assign homework to be completed online, but more than 5 million families with school-aged children do not have reliable internet connectivity at home. This disconnect leads to dramatically inequitable outcomes among our students. This isn’t fair. It isn’t right. And it doesn’t need to happen.

"Today’s students need equitable access to essential digital tools and connectivity to succeed in high school," stated, Alma Salinas, LJISD Library Media Director "Those students who are disconnected when they leave school every afternoon should not be at a disadvantage just because their families cannot provide them connectivity at home. With the support of Sprint, a national wireless company, we are in a powerful position to do something about this problem by arming eligible students with the critical tools they need to succeed and to believe that they can succeed."

Without access to these free devices and service, for many of these students the go-to solution is to do their homework at fast-food restaurants, where the Wi-Fi is free. Other students spend hours in restaurant parking lots. Many also wait in long lines at libraries to secure the time online to complete their homework.


Thelma R. Salinas Early College High School was also a recipient of this grant and will be awarded 48 tablets with Internet access. This gives students access to Internet anywhere they may be. 3GB per month of free high-speed LTE data while on the Sprint Network. Unlimited data is available at 2G speeds if usage exceeds 3GB in a month. Students are eligible for four years of free Sprint wireless service, depending on the student’s grade level and when they began the 1MP program.


These mobile devices include Free Children’s Internet Protection Act compliant content filter. This filter blocks adult content and malware while on the Sprint Network. Specifically designed for the 1Million Project. This filter in always on and cannot be disabled and was specifically designed for the 1Million Project.


Here at La Joya ISD we believe all students are curious, want a bright future and are willing to work hard to earn it. We also believe having Internet access at home means more time to learn, imagine, create, accomplish and graduate. This is why we seek for opportunities like these to aid our students academically. 

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