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State Troopers Ride Along With LJISD School Buses

Posted Date: 11/28/2018

State Troopers Ride Along With LJISD School Buses

State Troopers Ride Along With LJISD School Buses

            La Joya Independent School District and Texas Department of Public Safety in an effort to promoteNational School Bus Safety Week State Troopers rode on school buses on October 24thand 25thand follow them as part of an enforcement blitz to ensure student safety. 

            Texas Department of Public Safety along with La Joya Independent School District conducted ride-alongs in an effort to make positive partnerships and strengthen safety for our students.  Troopers in many areas across the district rode on the buses and other troopers followed school buses to catch motorists who break the law. Because children are particularly vulnerable when entering or exiting a school bus, Troopers also patrolled areas where school buses pick up and drop off students. Drivers who violated the law could face fines up to $1,250.

            “These buses carry our most precious gems which are our students”, stated Transportation Director Rodrigo Lopez, “ The district has a new initiative to keep students safe in every place students are at and we want to make the public aware that it is important to be cautious when driving around a school bus, at school bus stops and at school zones.”

            La Joya ISD has identified areas along their bus routes, where traffic violations are common and provided this information to local Troopers. 

            According to Texas statute, a driver traveling in either direction on a roadway must stop when approaching a school bus that is stopped and operating a visual signal. State law requires people to stop if a bus' lights are flashing. Traffic can start moving again when the bus starts moving, the bus driver signals to cars that they can precede or the lights are turned off. Traffic in both directions are required to stop unless the two directions are separated by a barrier or grass median. Traffic in both directions must stop if the road is only divided by a turn lane.

(As a reminder, school buses, by law, must stop at all railroad crossings.)

Here are several safety measures drivers can take to help keep children safer:

  • When driving in school zones, watch out for student pedestrians.
  • Slow down and watch for children congregating near bus stops.
  • Look for children who might dart into the street without checking for traffic.
  • Know and obey the traffic laws regarding school buses in Texas.

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