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TEEG Program Cycle 1

Dear Colleagues:

Thank you for participating in the TEEG Program-Cycle 1. The purpose for this email is to notify you of the evaluation of the TEEG program which is being conducted by TEA.

In a letter to our district, the Associate Commissioner for the Office of Planning, Grants and Evaluation, Ms. Nora Ibáñez Hancock, Ed.D, states that state policy-makers, national policy makers and educators are highly-interested in this performance incentive program and in the experiences of those involved. She goes on to confirm that TEA has contracted with the National Center on Performance Incentives (NCPI), a research and development center at Vanderbilt University, to conduct the evaluation. The TEEG evaluation is expected to last through June 2011, and will provide valuable information about the impact of this initiative on public schools. NCPI is asking all TEEG grantees to participate in the following data collection efforts during the 2007-2008 school year. As a condition of funding, our district agreed to comply with information-or data-gathering requirements made by TEA pursuant to the evaluation. If you wish to see the list of participating campuses, including those in our district, please log on to:

The campuses for La Joya ISD are listed on page 13

  • Fall 2007 Teacher Survey (late October/early November) Teachers at TEEG, Cycle 1 campuses will be asked to complete an online, anonymous survey during October/early November.
  • Fall 2007 Progress Report (late October/early November)- Principals at TEEG, Cycle 1 campuses (or other grant coordinators) will be asked to complete an online progress report.
  • TEEG Bonus Data Upload (late November/early December)-Districts will be asked to submit data on teachers and other staff that received a Cycle 1 incentive award.
  • Spring 2008 Teacher Survey (date to be determined)-Teachers at TEEG, Cycle 1 campuses will be asked to complete an online, anonymous survey.

Below is a list of the TEEG, Cycle 1 campuses and the amounts they were awarded

  1. A.C.E. $50,000
  2. Cavazos $120,000
  3. César Chávez $125,000
  4. Kika de la Garza $120,000
  5. Lorenzo de Zavala $130,000
  6. Sam Fordyce $75,000
  7. Irene García $125,000
  8. Leo J. Leo $120,000
  9. Patricio Pérez $120,000
  10. Nellie Schunior $75,000

It is NCPI’s commitment to make these research initiatives as minimally intrusive as possible. All information will be held strictly confidential.

The principal at the participating campuses have been sent a notification letter .If you have any questions pertaining to the requested data, please contact Andrew Moellmer at 512-936-6503 or email him at

Martha E. Treviño
Grant Development Coordinator
Office: 956-580-5927
Fax: 956-580-6022