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Bid/Proposal Tabulations

District Wide Bids

Awards & Incentives Catalog Bid

Books Catalog Bid 

Charter Bus Services Catalog Bid

Cosmetology, Supplies, Equipment & Related Services Catalog Bid

Decorative Stationery Catalog Bid

Educational Materials and Equipment Catalog Bid

Food and Paper Goods Catalog Bid

General Office Supplies and Small Office Equipment Catalog Bid

Graphic Design & Related Services Catalog Bid

Marquees, Signage, Related Supplies and Services CB Catalog Bid

Nurses’ Supplies & Equipment Catalog Bid

Photography & Videography Supplies/Equipment/Processing Catalog Bid

Printing Services Bid

Rental Services Catalog Bid

Snack Vending Machine Services Competitive Sealed Proposal

Student Clothing Catalog Bid

Student Testing and Assessment Catalog Bid

Athletic Bids

P.E./Athletic Supplies, Equipment and Related Services Catalog Bid

Athletic Trainers’ Supplies and Equipment Catalog Bid


Physical Plant Operation Bids

Grounds Supplies & Equipment Catalog Bid


Performing Arts Bids

Band & Orchestra Instruments, Equipment and Related Supplies Catalog Bid

Fine Arts Performance Groups Catalog Bids

Performing Arts Instrument Repairs Catalog Bid


Special Education

Special Education Supplies & Equipment Catalog Bid


Transportation Bids

Automotive Bus/Specialized Repair Services Catalog Bid

Automotive Supplies & Repair Parts Catalog Bid