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Voluntary Insurance Products

Basic Life Insurance
Basic Life Policy
Basic Life Insurance
Enrollment/Beneficiary Designation Form
Claim Form



Member Login Instructions

Claim Form

Disability Insurance

Disability Highlights – ENGLISH

Disability Highlights – SPANISH

Disability Rates

Claim Form

Disability Policy

Med Gap Insurance Plan
Colonial Hospital Indemnity Brochure
Colonial Medical Gap Rates
Claim Form – Office Visits
Claim Form – Hospital Confinement

Voluntary Life Insurance

Life Benefits and Rates

Enrollment Form

Life Claim Form

Life Insurance Policy

EOI Application

Beneficiary Change Form


Cancer Brochure

Cancer Claim Form

Wellness Claim Form

Cancer Plan Design and Costs

Heart and Stroke
Heart and Stroke Brochure
Claim Form

Critical Illness

Critical Illness Brochure

Critical Illness Plan & Rates

Wellness Claim Form

Critical Illness Claim Form

Voya Whole Life

Whole Life Brochure

Whole Life Rates