The leadership at La Joya ISD has created a powerful educational structure with our College and Career Center a uniquely designed alternative center to provide quality education. The alternative center ensures that all students not only finish high school, but graduate college and career ready.

The Recovery Program was developed by South Texas College and participating school districts to target out-of-school adults, ages 18-25, who did not graduate from high school due to lack of sufficient high school credits, Texas Assessment of Knowledge and Skills (TAKS) or the STARR End of Course exam deficiency. Recovery Program students enroll in classes that are contextualized in the areas needed for high school credit recovery and/or the required state exam. As part of the program, students are also enrolled in Career and Technology college courses at South Texas College. After students successfully obtain the necessary high school credits and/or master the state exams, students are able to claim their college credit, which may be applied towards a certificate or associate’s degree in the same field.

“At La Joya ISD College and Career Center we offer students the opportunity to complete their high school diploma with a flexible schedule that allows them to come in full day, half day and even in the evenings,” stated Rosalinda Garcia, College and Career Center Counselor.

Besides the curriculum mentioned above, students also participate in courses geared towards employability such as Welding, Certified Nursing Assistant, Medical Assistant, ­and phlebotomy amongst others. Such courses help students develop their skills in the areas of resume writing, interview techniques, job search, general computer usage, phone etiquette and life skills. Students who participate receive the following: Completion of high school requirements in order to receive high school diploma, participation in college courses at South Texas College and workshops designed to help with future success.

“We create new opportunities so that students can develop their full potential; students can finish their tests, complete their credits, finish full certifications, receiving noon transportation, flexible schedule and evening classes for the full time workers,” stated Ronny Cabrera College and Career Principal.

La Joya ISD College and Career Center has been the top recovery program in the region for over 5 years graduating nearly 2,000 students from opening its doors back in 2008. La Joya ISD is truly transforming lives and our communities.