Every new school year, a handful of students from each of the high schools are selected to attend the annual school food expo hosted by Region 1 at South Padre Island. There, students are invited to sample and critique a variety of meals to help choose what will be served in the cafeterias across the district.

This past week, students arrived at the SPI convention center with pen and paper ready to taste and tally the different school foods available to them, thus allowing them to become an integral part of the meal choosing process at La Joya ISD – and a true voice for all students.

“The Child Nutrition Services department is very thankful that our district allows students to be a part of the menu planning process,” stated Galina O. Reyes, La Joya ISD CNS Director. “A student’s feedback is crucial to complete a successful menu – it is they who are the inspiration behind the meals that we serve every day,” Reyes added.

Additionally, it is important to note that the meals served to the students at La Joya ISD are not only appetizing and nutritious, but also meet mandatory state and federal requirements based on USDA dietary guidelines.

Thank you to everyone involved in offering this opportunity to engage our students and for always putting kids first! #ItStartsWithMe