La Joya ISDs GT and Advanced Academic Services Department recently offered a robotics & automation summer camp at South Texas College for students who were interested in robotics, computers, mathematics, automation technology, or advance manufacturing.

Throughout the camp dates, students were kept engaged in aspects of automation technologies and real-life robotics technology via diverse activities and lessons.

Instructors used different techniques and activities based on student age and grade level. While some handled Lego Mindstorms and EV3 robotic systems, others learned about industrial automation, FTC robotic parts and components to build specific environmental robots.

Students between the ages of 8 thru 17 received a healthy dose of college experience while being surrounded by a real college environment. Daily, students were excited to be having the camp on a college campus and has helped many to believe that receiving a college degree is completely attainable.

Examples of elementary activities include working with logarithms, circumference, radius, and the constant measuring with a tape measure for accurate results that ultimately reflected the final programming.

Middle School students were exposed to “Ohm’s Law” for the first time, amongst other engineering and mathematics laws while also working with electrical circuits.

To culminate the camp, participants were presented with certificates for their completion of training.