A top priority for the La Joya Independent School District is the safety and security of every student and staff.

As a means of providing this service, La Joya ISD obtained 41 new police vehicles that will strengthen the current aging fleet of cars. The purchased units include sport utility vehicles and sedans for the LJISD Police Department, which will replace more than half of the district’s full fleet. “This is a 10-year investment,” stated LJISD Chief of Police, Raul Gonzalez. “The wear and tear of our district vehicles is not the same as those in the cities and counties. These new units will last us a long time and serve our school community well.”

Additionally, 25 Dodge Chargers, 3 Chevrolet Tahoes, 6 Ford Explorers, 6 Chevrolet Impalas, and 1 Chevrolet Suburban were also attained to further enhance security. With more vehicles available, the LJISD Police Department will be able to cover more areas of this large school district, and respond to emergencies much quicker.

“In conducting student surveys, we learned that students focus more on their studies when they feel secure,” Gonzalez added. “… they won’t spend time worrying about their safety if we provide the best and necessary security measures.”

The LJISD Police Department appreciates the La Joya ISD Board of Trustees’ support and approval to purchase these new vehicles which ensure the well-being of everyone in our schools and buildings.