The Buck Institute for Education has provided three Project Based Learning (PBL) workshops at La Joya ISD for the past two school years. Faculty of the LJISD Academies have been the main participants in these workshops and the follow up days during the school year.

The vision of LJISD Academies is to bring real world perspective to 21st Century education. PBL helps turn the ownership of the learning to the students. PBL helps make school and learning more engaging and prepares students for college and career by addressing important standards as well as the success skills students will need. PBL also promotes educational equity and connects students and schools with communities.

Whether students are from the academy of Public Service, STEM, Business and Industry, Arts and Humanities, or Health Science Professionals, units created around the eight essentials elements of PBL help provide them with real life experience.

A tremendous example of this is the Academy of Health Science Professionals Project which focused on using public outreach to improve the health of the community. The project was done with the feedback and assistance of healthcare administrators.

La Joya ISD Academies and Project Based Learning: Transforming Lives…Transforming Communities