The leadership team at La Joya ISD has been moving forward with a powerful structure that connects education and sports for our community – all in one place.

The La Joya ISD Sports and Learning Complex is a uniquely designed state-of-the-art facility that will house a natatorium, waterpark, planetarium, tennis courts, and a homework center for our students and visitors. The scale, ingenuity and design of the complex easily rivals like-facilities around the state, which exclusively offers La Joya ISD students opportunities not found anywhere else in our area.

Projected to be finalized this summer in July, the Sports and Learning Complex is making excellent progress according to LJISD Facilities Executive Director, Daniel Garza. Already sixty percent of the total project has been completed through this month and (upon completion) is sure to put La Joya ISD on the map as a top school district with the most student choices.

“Currently, we are the only school district who owns their own golf course in the state,” stated Daniel Garza. “Our district had a vision to move forward with a place where students could get into lifelong sports and have alternate options alongside the traditional sports that are available,” added Garza. “… and we are headed in that direction with this undertaking.”

The natatorium will house an indoor competition pool and a separate diving well pool to be used for LJISD student athletes. Aside from the planetarium, natatorium, and water park, the complex will also house tennis courts, and a homework center equipped with internet, computers and desks to facilitate students with their school work.

Logistically speaking, the natatorium will have an occupancy of up to 300 people, the water park will house over 1,200 individuals, and the planetarium will be able to hold 50 people in its entirety. And with a visitor-friendly, 300-parking lot space conveniently located by the swimming pool, the layout is ideal for the community to enjoy.

“This is a tremendous project to be a part of. It is a tremendous advantage for our district and for the students from our district,” Garza said. “Now our students will benefit tremendously by being exposed to some of the sports like swimming, golf, and tennis that otherwise they wouldn’t have a chance to be a part of in the previous years.”

From the moment the first beam was erected, to the day the ribbon is cut on opening day, the La Joya ISD Sports and Learning Complex is yet another method of opening avenues for our students and keeping them engaged in activities that will help them be productive members of society.  La Joya ISD is truly transforming lives and transforming communities.