As members of the La Joya ISD organization, staff development is a crucial part of growth for every employee of the district in order to maintain high quality standards. This new school year, it was time to sharpen up the customer service skills of every clerical staff member, who ultimately, are the first to handle visits and phone calls from our stakeholders.

A Customer Service & Organizational Behavior training was held for over 470 employees from both the schools and central office. Two trainings were held each day for a week, where they received coaching on becoming more aware of the importance of proper customer service for the students and guests who visit daily.

“We must always remember that All of us are the face and the voice of La Joya ISD.  Each one of us “IS” La Joya ISD!  La Joya ISD is not a spirit out there….La Joya ISD is not a statue out there…. “I am La Joya ISD… YOU are La Joya ISD…. Anyone employed by La Joya ISD “IS” La Joya ISD!”  The implications of this is that All of us are responsible for treating our customers with dignity and respect while providing high quality customer service and ultimately “Serving Right!”

Our District Mission Statement states that … “We embrace, with passion, the commitment to continuous improvement, collaboration and accountability that will allow our students to imprint the world.”  Because we believe this statement to be true, we collaboratively commit to continue improving the way we do business at La Joya ISD to better serve our students, parents, the community, our staff, our internal customers and anyone who crosses our paths.