“The 85thLegislature passed House Bill 22, changing the Texas school accountability system so that every campus and district is evaluated on expanded measures of learning.” – Region One ESC

The first A-F Ratings were already released by the Texas Education Agency (TEA), and the La Joya Independent School District is proud to have earned a solid letter B (Recognized Performance)! Placing the district among the best learning institutions in the region.

While for the most part the general public has pretty much heard about the new system, some are still left confused as to what the new state accountability ratings system really entails. The following is a quick overview:

  2. Focus is on the CHILDREN – helping them to succeed beyond the classroom
  3. Pushes TRANSPARENCY for the benefit of parents and the community

For La Joya ISD, the issuance of the letter grade B pinpoints the specific strengths and challenges faced throughout the district, allowing administration to hone in and tackle deficiencies to better prepare the children served. High marks for the district include:

  • 85 in College, Career, and military Readiness
  • 80 in Academic Growth
  • 88 in Relative Performance
  • 100 in English Language Proficiency

Equally important to note is that ALL schools at La Joya ISD Met Standard, 9 schools earned an A, 18 schools earned a B, and 4 campuses earned ALL DISTINCTIONS for the 2017-2018 school year.

Additionally, socioeconomic demographics are taking a front seat in the new rating system – demonstrating that high poverty school districts across the state (such as La Joya ISD) are achieving strong performances from all its students.

“Districts with high levels of poverty who attain a high level of performance are proof positive that poverty is not destiny,” commented TEA Commissioner of Education, Mike Morath. “With strong instruction and curriculum, all students can succeed.”

“The quality of our teachers and instruction is second to none, and the student experience at La Joya ISD is like no other. Our school ratings clearly demonstrate our commitment to serving the children in this district with the best educational opportunities to better prepare them for life,” said Dr. Alda T. Benavides, La Joya ISD Superintendent of Schools.

To learn more about the A-F accountability system, visit https://tea.texas.gov/A-F/