Thelma Salinas STEM Early College High School’s class of 2018 celebrated May 4th Generation Texas College Decision Day with a variety of activities and an opportunity to reflect on the important events of the last four years. Principal DaLee Garcia kicked off the event by explaining that high school seniors from all over Texas recognize this date as the day to declare the college/university they will attend in the fall. Mrs. Garcia also explained what the students were expected to do at each of the stations. Students had the opportunity to decorate a graduation cap in the colors and logos of the colleges they selected, pin a mini personalized graduation cap on a giant map indicating the location of the chosen colleges, write thank you notes to those that offered them support throughout their high school years, leave words of advice to the upcoming class of 2019, and take pictures with classmates at the photo booth.

Senior Anselmo Bueno enjoyed the event commenting, “This was really well-organized.  I like that everyone is here altogether in one location sharing their college plans.”

“As a small campus, we’ve all gotten so close. We’re like one big family with many brothers and sisters, so getting together like this today means so much to us,” added senior Laura Gonzalez.

Event organizers Jesus Vasquez, counselor, and Jennifer Garza, college readiness clerk wanted to celebrate the day with meaningful activities that allowed students to reflect on everything they have done to prepare for college. “The students’ responses to the activities were more than I expected.  We’ve gotten so attached to this class, and I know they will all be very successful college students,” observed Ms. Garza.

Senior class president, Johnny Garza, summed up his experience on College Decision Day, “It definitely was a time for reflection.  I teared up a bit as I wrote my thank you notes.  These four years went by fast, but I do feel prepared for the next stage of my education.”

The seniors of 2018 have achieved another important milestone.  90% of the class will graduate with Associate Degrees from South Texas College on May 11, 2018.  “ I cannot be any prouder of this class, “ states Principal Garcia, “Not only did they stay focused on their academic goals, but they have so much heart.  The thank you card station was so popular that we had to restock it several times.”

But perhaps senior Leslie De Anda might have summed it up the best, “today has been all about nostalgia; we needed a day like this because soon we will all be going our separate ways.”

The class of 2018 would like to thank all the event organizers, Mrs. Garcia for her support, and the office staff for all their hard work to make this day special for all.