The La Joya ISD Department of Family and Community Engagement, in conjunction with the La Joya ISD Police Department, the Hidalgo County Sherriff’s Office, the Hidalgo County District Attorney’s HIDA Task Force, and the U.S Customs and Border Patrol, have come together to organize the first-ever LJISD Parent Police Academy (PPA).

Last week, initial orientation meetings were held for interested parents who will commit to an 8-week academy course that is geared at helping to educate parents on the basics of police policy and standard operating procedures that affect the children who attend the school district.

PPA participants can expect to train and learn the rigorous duties and responsibilities that district police officers undergo to keep students safe in the school setting. Additionally, the PPA will serve as an information resource to parents on the many police services that are available and on tactics that are implemented at La Joya ISD to ensure the safety of all students.

Ultimately, the goal of the Parent Police Academy is to educate and empower parents with tools such as trainings, education courses, and informational sessions that will better serve and advocate for all children.