“Poetry is when an emotion has found its thought and the thought has found words.” Thelma R. Salinas STEM ECHS students’ voices echo within the pages of the FEIPOL 2017 Anthology: “Young Poets for the Peace.” Now more than ever, fine arts are frequently complementing the educational system by inspiring students to write and develop a passion for literacy.

FEIPOL is a non-profit organization whose main goal is to promote the arts while embracing Latin-American culture. The second annual FEIPOL event introduced the theme of peace to showcase young individuals’ perspectives and provide a voice for the social injustices being committed internationally. Students were given the opportunity to submit a poem which conveyed the theme of peace by January 31,2017. A group of judges were then given the difficult responsibility of deciding which poets would be privileged enough to be part of the anthology. Out of the 119 poets selected to be published 30 poets were from Thelma R. Salinas STEM ECHS, and 9 out of 20 were selected to recite their work the day of the book premiere. These talented individuals represent the unsung melody that will echo for years to come, their words entwined and embracing diversity, shining an entirely different light on today’s youth.

A special recognition was awarded to the top three finalists on October 7, 2017. These individuals manifested power in their words, passion in their voice, and presence on stage. Janette Garcia 10th grader, Rebeca Jimenez 11th grader and Yolanda Olivares 12th grader represented mesmerizing talent at STEM ECHS during the FEIPOL event. Not only did they captivate the audience with their words, they captured the essence of a true poet. These exceptional young ladies received the Juan Felipe Herrera Young Poets Award, named after the first Mexican American Poet Laureate of the United States.

“As youth, we are often disregarded in society. It was an honor to be able to give a voice to our culture. I will never stop voicing for those that need to be heard”

– Janette Garcia

“It was an incredible experience to be part of such a great organization, whose focal point is to promote literature through the arts. ”- Rebeca Jimenez

“Words have inspired me to grow and articulate my feelings in a way I never imagined. ”-  Yolanda Olivares

Without a doubt the arts are capable of tearing down borders, breaking stereotypes, and expressing themselves during a time when many demand they stay silent.  More than anything, FEIPOL brings light to unheard stories, undiscovered talents, and diversity within our culture. Opportunities like FEIPOL remind us to express yourself through the arts and explore hidden talents, it’s the only way to continue to flourish and be a conscious presence in today’s society. A huge congratulations Janette Garcia, Rebeca Jimenez Yolanda Olivares and all those who participated in the Feipol and for truly representing La Joya at the International level.


Written by: Thelma R. Salinas STEM ECHS Senior, Aryssa Enriquez

Revised by: English IV Teacher, Sandra Altamira