The La Joya Independent School District unveiled their new energy-efficient LED lights at the first football game of the season at the La Joya ISD Stadium. The District worked with Performance Services, a qualified energy services company, to install LED sports field lighting fixtures at the sports complex, including the football field, two baseball fields and two softball fields. The improvements will reduce the power usage at the sports complex by 50% and increase illumination levels, including a 60% increase at the football field. Not only are the athletic fields lighting better and brighter, but the new lighting will save the District $327,500 in energy and operational costs over 16 years.

The new stadium lighting is part of a $12.9 million comprehensive energy savings lighting project with Performance Services that will result in a savings of $18,522,735 over a 16-year period. This equates to a dramatic net savings of $5.6 million to the District. The scope of the project includes indoor and outdoor lighting at all school buildings. In addition to new lighting fixtures, dimmers will be installed in classrooms that will allow teachers to control illumination levels to optimize the learning environment. LED lighting is longer-lasting, requires less maintenance, and uses significantly less energy than standard lighting. Additionally, LED lighting generates less heat than other lighting, which saves energy used to air condition buildings.

La Joya Independent School District is located in the western portion of Hidalgo County, Texas and serves about 23,000 students throughout 43 schools. La Joya Independent School District is committed to providing Educational Excellence through rigor, relevance, relationships and personal responsibility. To learn more, visit

Performance Services is an integrated design and construction company that specializes in constructing and renovating schools, universities, healthcare, and government facilities to deliver optimal environments and high performance buildings. Innovative renewable systems are integral to its energy services portfolio. The company has provided facility and energy solutions to customers since 1998 and is a leading qualified provider of guaranteed energy savings projects and Energy StarĀ® labeled schools. Performance Services worked with a Texas licensed electrical contractor to perform installation and interconnection services.