The proposal to provide a technology lab on wheels for the community at La Joya ISD had been in the works for a couple of years now, initiated by Ms. Clem Garza, Director of Instructional Resources & Technology at La Joya ISD. This multi-faceted project was finally realized just in time for the new school year with the arrival of a brand new, state-of-the-art, customized, mobile tech lab on the grounds of our district.

The first of its kind to be acquired by a school district in the Rio Grande Valley, the LJISD Mobile Tech Lab will offer:

  • District-wide access to learning opportunities for students and community
  • Students the opportunity to complete assignments, projects, research, etc. that require online or internet access
  • Extend the classroom learning experiences beyond the school day
  • Keep students digitally connected to the world and better informed
  • Provide digital equity – especially in communities that lack it
  • Close the digital divide that exists in our communities
  • Provide “anywhere learning”

“Technology (when integrated into the curriculum) revolutionizes the learning process,” stated Ms. Garza.  “… it impacts achievement in content-area learning, promotes higher-order thinking and problem-solving skills, and simply enhances learning as a whole.”

La Joya ISD is proud to bring services such as these to the parents and students in our district as we continue to transform lives and communities.