The outpour of support for the thousands of people who were in the path of Hurricane Harvey has been remarkable as people everywhere have helped out in every which way that they can.

And with hurricane relief efforts still taking place throughout our country, La Joya ISD followed through with their commitment to help out not just 1, but 2 school districts affected by the storms.

Dickinson ISD north of Galveston, and Goose Creek CISD in Baytown, were two of many other school districts in our Texas coast and Houston area, that just last week began their first days of school. As a district, La Joya ISD decided to adopt the 2 school districts to assist in their recovery from Harvey and to contribute to the continuation of the education of the children in those areas.

“We wanted to offer our help by means of donations to fellow school districts because that is the right thing to do – to help those in need,” stated La Joya ISD Superintendent of Schools, Dr. Alda T. Benavides. “Our entire community and individual schools have been holding their own drives to help and so our entire school district has really gotten involved in the efforts, which makes me proud beyond words to know that La Joya ISD is able to make a difference in the lives of thousands of children and families.”

Last week, La Joya ISD drove an 18-wheeler full of supplies to Dickinson and Goose Creek who welcomed our donations with open arms. The superintendent of Dickinson ISD and a former JFK Elementary Principal, Ms. Kay Cruz (now in Goose Creek CISD) were extremely grateful to every LJISD parent, child, staff, and community member who contributed to the drive.

La Joya ISD is humbled to have had the opportunity to provide aid where it was most needed and to extend our help – From One School District to Another.

Thank you La Joya ISD for your big hearts!!