At La Joya ISD, the Child Nutrition Services (CNS) Department’s mission is to provide nutritional meals that fuel successful learning. With quality food on the serving line at no cost for ALL students, families in the district need not worry about their children’s dietary needs while at school.

As any parent knows, healthy nourishment and education go hand in hand. This is why school meals are designed by food service nutrition professionals to provide a variety of healthy options including vegetables, fruits, whole-grain rich items, protein-rich entrées and low fat milk that allow children to be ready to learn.

Daily, the La Joya ISD CNS department serves approximately 29,000 lunch meals (as part of the National School Lunch Program), 22,000 breakfast meals (Breakfast Program) and feeds children in after-school care programs at 32 school sites. Additionally, La Joya ISD students also benefit from Saturday Meals Program (for weekend tutoring) and the Summer Meals Program which ensures children have nutritious, well-balanced meals throughout the summer months.

Not only is the CNS team dedicated to every student being served healthy meals, but they also assist in promoting wholesome habits for lifelong nutrition and fitness practices. Students, along with parents and the entire community, are exposed to information that teaches the importance of a healthy lifestyle to lead a healthy life.

“We work hard as a team to provide only the best nutrition to our students across our district,” stated Galina O. Reyes, La Joya ISD Child Nutrition Services Director. “… we strive to always serve appetizing, quality meals every day that are prepared by caring professionals which enable the best environment for successful learning.”

Meeting state and federal requirements is a must for the CNS department at La Joya ISD.

Foods and beverages served at cafeterias across the district are 100% based on USDA Dietary Guidelines and are diligently followed to the tee. All the while, children have access to four choices of foods and four flavors of milk, giving all students an opportunity to consume meals of their choice.

To better serve our students year after year, the CNS department ensures that all CNS staff complies with state and federal guidelines by receiving the required trainings. Trainings consist of food production, food safety, serving food, receiving and storage amongst others.

“Not just as an employee of the CNS department, but also as a parent, it gives me a great peace of mind knowing that my child is getting healthy balanced meals on a daily basis,” said, CNS Assistant Director Rolando Hernandez.

A culture of wellness, nutrition education, and healthy habits is what drives the La Joya ISD CNS department to consistently provide the best for the children in our schools. And it is through the collaborative effort of the school board, directors, administrators, and cafeteria personnel that students across the district receive the best and most nourishing meals every day.

For more information on menus and meal programs visit our La Joya ISD Child Nutrition Services website at or call (956) 323-2110.