As technology continues to overpower most of our daily activities in distinctive ways, an online education is very much a trend that has gained popularity for so many everywhere across the globe. The La Joya Independent School District has joined the cyber education community by offering an alternate credit attainment opportunity through Texas Virtual School Network (TXVSN).

Currently, students in the district are able to enroll in high school classes and advanced placement (AP) or dual-credit courses offered by TEA-approved catalog course providers. The coursework is available online for public schools that are fully accredited by the Texas Education Agency and is available through the course catalog and full-time schools.

“There is no doubt that La Joya ISD is a trailblazing district when it comes to bringing the most opportunities for our students,” stated Roel Hernandez, LJISD Technology Integrated Strategist. “We are extremely proud to be 1 of only 10 school districts, in the state, to provide online courses which ensure student success at all levels.”

The TXVSN statewide catalog includes rigorous online courses offered by approved providers such as school districts and universities. Aptly credentialed teachers (who have been trained in best practices for online instructional delivery) teach the over 80 TEA approved courses – assuring students that the courses meet the state’s high standards for teaching and learning.

La Joya ISD, in conjunction with the TXVSN course catalog, provides students with an expanded access to high school courses. Online, students may take traditional high school, Advanced Placement, and dual credit classes from the catalog, or from courses at their campus, in order to meet their graduation plan. Cyber pupils have the option to complete TXVSN courses at school, off‐campus, or at any other location where internet access is available.

The La Joya ISD virtual school also offers the TXVSN Online Learning Conference. This valuable resource gives students a place to connect and learn from colleagues as they can interact directly with speakers, moderators, and peers, take part in live polls, answer real time discussion questions, and ask questions or chat with peers via live discussions during the sessions.

With TEA, under the leadership of the commissioner of education, and Education Service Center Region 10 overseeing the day-to-day operations of the TXVSN network, participants can rest assured that the quality of courses equals those being delivered in the classrooms. Our district believes that through vibrant and different learning experiences, we will inspire independent thinkers to become lifelong learners.

For more information on enrolling with La Joya ISD Texas Virtual School Network contact La Joya ISD Technology Integrated Specialist, Mr. Roel Hernandez at (956) 323- 2503.