Unveiled in 2013, La Joya Early College High School (LJECHS) launched the “school within a school” model at La Joya ISD. Since then, the district has implemented similar curriculums (such as The Academies at La Joya ISD, and Programs by Design) at each of the comprehensive high schools, as a means of offering students more options, in a smaller group setting, and all within one school.

This year, La Joya Early College High School will graduate its first class of 66 students alongside La Joya High School graduates. Currently, 44 of them will graduate with an Associate’s Degree in Interdisciplinary Studies from STC, and 100% of LHECHS seniors will exit the district having mastered both the Reading and Writing TSI exams. Last year alone, 21 students received their Computer and Internet Specialist Certificate.

“We are a small section of a greater entity (La Joya High School) working together to provide students with a fast track to an Associate’s Degree and attainment of a high school Diploma simultaneously,” said LJECHS Principal, Mr. Domingo Villarreal, III. “I am proud to be graduating our first group of seniors and their accomplishments. They leave behind a legacy to their peers of outstanding academic achievement.”

For the incoming 2017-2018 school year, however, changes in location will be taking place that are important for students and parents to note. Next school year, La Joya Early College HS will be moving from the current Lincoln Building site and will be divided within two different high school locations.

The 2017-2018 ninth and tenth grade students will now be housed at La Joya High School and occupy the entire A hall, while Juniors and Seniors will be accommodated on the 2nd floor of the Jimmy Carter building in H hall. Through the transition, La Joya Early College HS will continue to provide constant quality courses and offerings with highly-qualified teachers.

“Next year we are excited to be welcoming over 100 eighth grade students into our school,” added Principal Villarreal, “It is critical that those students, along with their parents, understand that though our school will be situated in two locations, that we are still continuing to give the quality education that our students deserve.”