Every now and then we come across stories of people serving selflessly, which restores our faith in humanity, and help us vision a better world for future generations. In a similar instance of generous service, police officers at La Joya ISD have launched the ‘Book’Em: Cops & Kids Literacy Campaign’ making sure youths have the literacy tools needed to succeed at a young age.

Throughout the school year, district police officers have visited every elementary and continue to do so in an effort to get our students to read, read, read!

“This is a perfect campaign to build on two initiatives we are focused on – fostering positive relationships between our families and LJISD PD, and early childhood education as a way to equip our kids with the ability to succeed in school and have plenty of options in life,” stated Officer Nancy Salinas LJISD Police Department.

The organization’s mission is to expand public awareness of the connection between high illiteracy rates and high crime rates, increase literacy rates, and decrease crime rates. Conducting read-aloud presentations to the children adds a new a fresh approach to the daily readings led by the classroom teacher.

“We believe that bringing our police officers to our children (which some have never seen before) encourages kids to realize that even police officers are contributors in their education,” added Officer Salinas.

The campaign targets all Pre-K students in La Joya ISD who will then be encouraged to teach their parents how to read. Educating the children of the district will empower the youth of the district by connecting them to the world of literacy.

For each child who reads, it ensures its children will one day be more educated and well read. For each person who writes, it ensures an appreciation for the written word and the power it can hold over each of us. And for all of us as a community, it lends the possibility that a brighter future can emerge.