The La Joya Independent School District recently made history by assigning Domingo Treviño Middle School’s- Coach Cynthia Canchola, as the first female athletic coordinator ever.

With a 26-year coaching background, Canchola was selected for her experience, skills, and work ethics which she acquired through numerous trainings that La Joya ISD has afforded her throughout her career.

A self-proclaimed multi-tasker, she is able to articulate the needs of her program and wears many hats to meet the needs of her athletes. “My dedication is fueled by my passion for the students we serve and I lead by example,” Canchola stated. “… I believe this is why I was given the opportunity to impact lives on a daily basis and to help prepare our students to be the leaders of tomorrow.”

As a novice athletic coordinator, she feels a great responsibility to become a role model amongst a male dominated position, as her success will allow for future women to be given her same opportunity to serve. Her greatest asset, nonetheless, is her caring manner for all students and staff members.

“With this position comes an enormous sense of duty and I am privileged to be the first woman athletic coordinator in La Joya ISD’s history,” Canchola added.

When asked whom she looks up to as career role models, and have influenced her to become the professional that she is today, Canchola’s long list included: Juan “Coachito” Garcia, Ronny Cabrera, Pamela Flores,  Joe Reyna,  Letty Ibarra, Claudia Bazan, Dalia Garcia, board member Alex Cantu, and LJISD Athletic Director –  Alex Guajardo. From these individuals, she learned traits such as compassion, perseverance, self-control, warm-heartedness, and how to win and be modest.

Congratulations to Coach Canchola for her achievement and for opening the door to future female coaches who are yet to come.