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Articles from March 2017

Female Powerlifter Brings Home State Title

In the sport of powerlifting, a competitor’s strength is tested by attempting a maximal weight on 3 lifts: squat, bench press, and deadlift. Each stage of the competition requires that the participant use different muscles and parts of …

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LJISD Cops n’Kids Literacy Campaign

Every now and then we come across stories of people serving selflessly, which restores our faith in humanity, and help us vision a better world for future generations. In a similar instance of generous service, police officers at …

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District Names First Female Athletic Coordinator

The La Joya Independent School District recently made history by assigning Domingo Treviño Middle School’s- Coach Cynthia Canchola, as the first female athletic coordinator ever. With a 26-year coaching background, Canchola was selected for her experience, skills, and …

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