The national non-profit organization, The Molina Foundation, last week presented La Joya Independent School District with 40,000 books to distribute amongst the families in the community. This thanks to a grant that was written by the district and then announced in late October as La Joya ISD being the recipient of thousands of books.

The free book project, titled Launch Into Learning for the RGV, not only helps give children of La Joya ISD a learning boost during school holidays, but also provides literature material for down time at home.

The California-based group, whose mission is to provide new books and health resources to children and families in need across the country, based their donations on servicing organizations with high-need and low-income students.

“We care deeply about helping children in their academic and personal achievement,” stated Foundation President and Founder Dr. Martha Bernadett about the donation effort for South Texas.

Thousands of children’s storybooks by various authors and publishers were afforded to the district for learning levels from preschool to high school. The big book give-a-way will take place during “Love Your Library” week in February throughout all schools and grade levels across the district.

“Helping our families to have a home library will facilitate and recognize literacy as a vital component of life,” said Ms. Alma Salinas, Director of the library, media, textbooks department at La Joya ISD. “ … and at La Joya ISD, we aim to make every child a reader and a lifelong learner. This mass donation is bringing us one step closer to achieving that goal,” Salinas added.