For La Joya ISD, post-secondary readiness remains at the forefront of many of our district goals. Any time resources become available to better prepare our children for the real world, the district seizes those opportunities to ensure our high school graduates succeed in the workforce and in life.

Early Thursday morning, designated district personnel met with two training coordinators from the Federal Bureau of Investigation (FBI) who will partner with the La Joya ISD to create awareness on the numerous careers that are available in the FBI. Through project based learning, real case investigations, and mock crime scenes, students at the secondary level will get to experience and learn some pretty awesome skills – not offered in other school districts.

“Our goal is to not only impact those students who have already decided to pursue careers in criminal justice and law enforcement (such as those at the early college high schools or the Academies),” said Raul Gonzalez, Chief of Police at La Joya ISD. “There are hundreds of careers in the FBI that our students don’t know about, and the forthcoming FBI visits are sure to open up a window of possibilities to them,” Gonzalez added.

Training coordinators from the government agency will be visiting La Joya ISD once a month (beginning in February) equipped with the necessary tools, personnel, and resources necessary to engage students from across the district.

“Our involvement will go beyond the typical “career-day-type” presentations,” stated FBI Training Coordinator Adolfo Baesa. “ … we will expose them to forensic science activities, hands-on projects, and help students discover that there is much more to a career in the FBI than what they see on TV,” said Baesa.

With a special interest in encouraging the Hispanic population to become interested in and apply to join the government agency, La Joya ISD is eager to begin the collaboration with the FBI and look forward to graduating future Federal agents!