The La Joya Independent School District added yet another amenity to the list of resources that are offered to the staff and (ultimately) the students of this school district. Continually maintaining at the forefront of educational excellence, La Joya ISD recently held the ribbon-cutting ceremony of the one-of-a-kind, district Lesson Design Lab.

Housed adjacent to the Central Office Administration Building, the La Joya ISD Lesson Design Lab will bring the latest technology and instructional resources to teachers that will enable them to plan and deliver engaging, and rigorous lessons. Every inch of the 2-room facility is furnished with the best and most up-to-date instruments for instruction. From visual aids, to manipulatives, to the latest technology gadgets, this lab truly is a teacher’s playground.

Here, school staff will have the opportunity to work alongside directors, coordinators, and specialists from Central Office to help achieve powerful lessons to take back to the classroom.

“Content area resources for reading, math, science, and social studies (to name a few) have been systematically obtained and organized in this facility so that our teachers are provided with the best, and most cutting-edge tools for instructional delivery,” said Dr. Jose I. Gonzalez, Federal and State Programs Director for La Joya ISD.

Additionally, campuses can utilize the Lesson Design Lab to research, create, and print supplemental instructional resources, and graphic aids, that can assist in the creation of inviting classroom environments. Computer and laptop stations complete with scanners and printers will also be available along with smart board presentations used to train teachers on touch screen technology.

The lab will also house a “Technology Incubator” where teachers can explore the use of digital tools as well as collaborate on effective technology integration strategies. The impact of teaching and learning through the use of technology has been proven time and time again as the avenue with which students most relate to, and so through the Lesson Design Lab, educators can keep relevant and up-to-date.

“The Technology Incubator will provide access for teaching and learning opportunities via integration initiatives such as Apple and Google Academies, EdTech Institute, 21st Century Learning, Hour of Code, MarkerSpaces, LEGOS-Literacy, Drones, Virtual Reality, amongst others,” added Dr. Gonzalez.

With the creation of this lab, another era of more opportunities begins for the students and staff of La Joya ISD. There is no doubt that the transformation of teaching and learning, which has come to define our district, once more is manifested in this new, and state-of-the-art Lesson Design Lab.