This past Saturday, October 1st, the Free Application for Federal Student Aid (FAFSA) made changes to their usual process to make it easier for graduating seniors to apply for government help.

Each year, families race against time to submit the proper information to meet deadlines for both financial aid and university entrance applications. With these new changes, students can begin the financial aid process first, and then have plenty of time to focus on choosing the right college for them.

The two new rules that came into effect are:

  1. Students can now apply for financial aid three months earlier – beginning October 1st, rather than January of the new year.
  2. Students can submit tax returns from 2 prior years.

Last year, President Obama announced these permanent changes that both, the parents and the universities, agree will help facilitate the process.

“The goal at La Joya ISD is to have 100% of high school seniors apply for college financial aid,” stated Mr. Daniel Diaz, LJISD FAFSA/TASFA Specialist. “For this reason, LJISD held a FAFSA/TASFA Kick-off day at each of the three high schools where over 400 seniors and their parents showed up –ready to apply!”

For more information, visit La Joya ISD FAFSA