On September 29, 2016, the La Joya ISD Academy of Health Science Professions received a JET (Jobs and Education for Texans) grant from the Texas Workforce Commission in the amount of $92,539.00.

The grant is awarded to public community and technical colleges, and to independent school districts, for programs that focus on supporting new, emerging industries or high-demand occupations. For the LJISD Academy of Health Science Professions the grant will help purchase and install medical equipment to provide 214 students in the medical profession with training for nursing assistants.

“With this contribution we will be able to help fund CNA (Certified Nurse Assistant) Certification exams for our students and purchase equipment such as hospital beds, mannequins, stethoscopes, wheelchairs, and other necessary training tools,” said principal, Lee-Ann Alaniz-Herrera.

While some items will be utilized during the student’s freshmen and sophomore years, the bulk of the equipment will be immensely beneficial during the practicum courses, which take place in the junior and senior years. Institutions (such as LJISD’s Academy of Health and Science Professions) will not only invest in tangible supplies, but will work to further develop courses and curriculum that will lead students to a license, a certificate, or a post-secondary degree.

“The JET grant is a first for our campus and school district – and we hope won’t be the last,” added Herrera. “… thanks to this award, we look forward to offering our students with the necessary instruments that will prepare them for their careers in the medical field.”

A special Thank You to Doctor’s Hospital at Renaissance, STC, and Mission Regional Medical Center for endorsing La Joya ISD Academy of Health Science Professions with this grant.