La Joya ISD employees were on a mission last week to recruit students who have yet to attend class this school year, or enroll in school.

Once a year, groups of educators literally take to the streets in search of these students in hopes of persuading them to get back on track to finishing their education and receiving their diploma.

To help with the task, the LJISD Dropout Prevention Department organized the 9th annual “Community Walk” where (for two days) employees go out looking for leavers – students who (at one point) came to school but then stopped coming.

The teams of social workers, counselors, police officers, and central office personnel, drove out to homes to personally speak with leavers and convince them to enroll back in school – that same day. The time urgency is important because after the last Friday in September, the leaver students are no longer classified as leavers, but become dropouts.

“Everyone in the district is working towards one common goal – which is to bring every leaver back to school!” added Mrs. Bertha Perez, Dropout Prevention Coordinator.

Participants began their morning routes Thursday the 22nd and Friday the 23rd armed with files, maps, and addresses, and worked tirelessly throughout the day, seeking out students to register. Middle and High Schools, on their end, had representatives waiting to receive the students at their home campuses to get them enrolled.

If transportation was an issue, the La Joya ISD Police Officers stepped in – ready to drive those students to and from school. Thus allowing a greater window of opportunity in retrieving the maximum number of students possible.

Working to remove barriers to increase student graduation. Just another way La Joya ISD is transforming lives and our community.