This Year, IS the Year of La Joya !

Everyone from teachers, administrators, bus drivers, students, superintendents, board members, and all other personnel from La Joya ISD, came together at the annual general assembly to kick off the 2016-2017 school year.

Because every employee is at the core of our school district, the 4,500 plus gathering reinforced the belief that taking pride in the daily work that each of us do, keeps everyone on track to transforming the lives of our students and our communities.

“We are focusing on raising expectations across the board by providing nothing shy of the best education available,” stated Superintendent of School, Dr. Alda T. Benavides in her assembly address.

“… to accomplish this, the commitment and hard work from our employees is vital, and in order to push ourselves to the next level, we must execute our jobs with pride – if we each do our part, I have no doubt this year will be the best year yet!” Dr. Benavides added.

Former and current student guest speakers were also in attendance (not just to motivate and inspire the LJISD community) but also to remind us that all jobs matter. Armando Gallardo, Melanie Gomez, and Sergio Castillo all had the one thing in common: they were grateful for the education received at LJISD, and owe their success to this district.

May it be because of a teacher, an organization, a book, or a lesson, La Joya ISD was a crucial factor in guiding their paths to achieving their goals.

And so, as everyone readies for the first day of school, now is the time to buckle down, take ownership of our individual roles, and get the job done! After all here at La Joya ISD – Educational Excellence IS the Right of Every Student.