Adopting a yearlong theme has become a trend at elementary campuses around school districts everywhere. Implementing a motif not only ties in instruction throughout subjects and grade levels, but also helps to unite the school’s students and staff.

Henry B. Gonzalez Elementary decided to be “Driven to Learn, and Driven to Succeed” for this 2015-2016 school year.

Every six weeks, 2 students are selected from each class and are granted “Star Student” status. Teachers choose Star Students based on criteria such as academics, attendance, and behavior. With the title and honor, they receive a certificate, a medal, and their very own “driver’s license” – as proof that they were Driven to Learn and Driven to Succeed.

Adding to the rewards, selected students are also surprised by a different type of vehicle each grading period that connects to the book for the six weeks.

To kickoff the theme, Gonzalez Elementary read the book “The Little Red Racing Car” and brought in an actual Maserati car (like the one in the book) for the Star Students to see up close and take pictures.

“Bringing in such an awesome car for the kids pushes other students to want to become Star Students themselves. And it’s great to watch their excitement!” stated Mrs. Norma Rodriguez, Gonzalez Elementary Librarian.

“For future appearances, we are hoping to bring emergency vehicles, motorcycles, classic oldie cars, semi-trucks, and even a rescue helicopter,” added Rodriguez. “Our goal is to motivate our students via our theme and by bringing to them all kinds of cool cars.”

Gonzalez Elementary is definitely on the right “track” to stimulating children’s desire to learn and succeed.