Mr. Tyler Fisher, head of the Army show car and marketing division at Don Schumacher racing, stopped by Palmview High School Tuesday morning as part of their nation-wide tour for recruitment to the Army.

The showcased racecar was a top fuel dragster, which last raced in 2012. It is now retired from racing and is the Army’s model race car.

The Business and Industry Academy students (along with other automotive technology students) at Palmview High School attended Mr. Fisher’s presentation and gained useful knowledge about the logistics that comes with top fuel dragsters.

Students were amazed with the car and had plenty of questions for Mr. Fisher.

“Science, technology, engineering and math (STEM) data analysis play a big role in constructing and designing a race car traveling the speeds of this magnitude. Backed by 10,000 horsepower, top fuel dragster race cars like this one, are the fastest in the world reaching 337 mph in 4 seconds!” stated Fisher.

“Mechanical engineering is at the heart of speed racing and could not reach the unheard-of speeds without it,” he added.

The presenter also touched on how pit crews (composed of mechanical engineers) fine-tune their car before each race using wind tunnel testing, weather data, barometric pressure, density altitude, and track temperature.

Overall, the visit brought useful and interesting information to the many students who have already shown a desire to pursue a career in automotive.